Commercial Solar Panels

Application and Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

The sun provides a phenomenal amount of energy to the earth on a constant basis. In fact, it’s said that enough energy from the sun falls on the earth each hour to take care of the energy needs of the entire world for a year. For commercial entities looking to advance its efforts to reduce its consumption of natural resources and promote environmental sustainability, it only makes sense to investigate the benefits and energy cost savings of commercial solar panels. These panels present an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for reducing energy consumption while taking advantage of a free, abundant and renewable resource.

Basics of Solar Energy:
Solar panels are relatively simplistic in the way they gather energy. Photovoltaic solar cells on each solar panel work to convert the light energy emitted from the sun into electrical current. These panels are grouped into arrays in order to maximize the amount of electricity generated – the larger the panel, the more electricity it is capable of producing. The electricity generated from the solar panel array is then sent through an inverter to convert it from direct current to alternating current. The electricity is finally fed through an electric service panel, where it is routed to areas that need power, or it is fed back to the utility power grid.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels:
Commercial solar panels can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint by shifting its energy consumption from more traditional methods to cleaner solar energy. Maintenance is not an issue with commercial solar panels, since it doesn’t feature any moving parts to maintain. Most commercial solar systems are built to last throughout decades of continuous operation. Solar roof panels are ideal for commercial businesses since the roof is usually an inconspicuous location and no additional real estate is needed.

Another benefit of installing these solar panels is the lucrative tax incentives offered by most local and state agencies, in addition to federal tax incentives. When your company takes advantage of these incentives, not only will your company have its tax liability drastically reduced, your commercial solar system will quickly pay for itself thanks to the cost savings involved.

Ideal Applications:
From large-scale factories with hundreds of thousands of square feet in space to a small office, solar energy makes for an excellent investment. Commercial solar panels can be deployed anywhere there is sufficient space and plenty of sunlight. For instance, a solar panel array can be deployed over a parking lot, supplying a business or office with much-needed electricity while providing patrons and employees with shaded parking, especially during the summer months. Municipalities and agencies have also taken to deploying large solar arrays on formerly-unused parcels to reduce energy costs while providing a measure of energy independence to residents and employees.