Energy Solar System

The Need For A Solar Energy System

There is no cleaner, greener or more environmentally friendly source of energy than that of an energy solar system. Not only can solar power supply all possible energy needs, it also addresses one of today’s most urgent and pressing ecological dilemmas. Greenhouse gases are depleting the ozone layer at an alarming rate, causing global warming. Among other problems the polar caps are melting, causing the sea level to rise. An energy solar system can help to avert further damage to the atmosphere and many people are also now turning to a solar energy alternative, rather than pay exorbitant energy bills.

There are now enough solar energy collecting devices in use in the United States to supply power to 630,000 homes. That roughly converts to 3100 megawatts. The solar power industry also employees around 100,000 American workers, in over 5,000 solar power companies, the vast majority of which are small businesses. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in today’s economy, the solar power industry grew 69 percent in the last year alone. The price of a typical solar panel has been reduced in the past year by 30 percent. With the ever growing competition in the solar power industry driving down costs of solar equipment. Today an energy solar system is a realistic affordable alternative for the average American household.

There are three basic ways that a energy solar system can be utilized and they are grid inter tied, grid inter tied with battery back up and stand alone(off grid). The first, grid inter tied works by producing solar electricity and channeling it to an electric utility grid offsetting the building’s electrical utilization. In this instance, the only difference would be seen in the electric bill, as most if not all energy is supplied by the sun. However, the building remains connected to the grid so the power is available, if need be.

As the name implies the grid inter tied with battery back up system is basically the same system as the previously mentioned grid inter tied system with the inclusion of a back up to the system, which is made up of batteries. This is a convenient system for those who experience more than the occasional power outage.

Completely renouncing the power company all together is the stand alone or off grid system. This system relies completely on the use of the PV panels alone. Often this system is utilized by those residing in a remote area where grid power is not a viable option. Sometimes being overly expensive, due to the inaccessibility of the property by power lines or the lack of them all together.

There are numerous hurdles to overcome when considering constructing a solar farm. However they far outweighed by the benefits that a solar farm brings its proprietor and the communities that they serve. The government often will offer tax breaks as well as many other incentives to builders of solar farms. There are also many groups that assist those venturing out into solar farm ownership.