Go Solar

Go Solar and start letting your investments do all of the heavy lifting for you. Thousands of investors are choosing to go solar by purchasing one of our many turn key solar farms. Our solar farms can make great investments if you are a high net worth corporation or individual that needs tax credits to help your bottom line. If you are thinking about going solar and adding green energy type of projects to your investment portfolio then give our team of solar farm engineers and developers a call today. Call us about our solar farms and then consult with your financial advisors to see if going solar makes sense for your financial situation.

Go Solar Today

Our turn key solar electricity farms can have you going solar in as little as 90 days. We take care of everything from design, project costing, engineering, approvals and final construction, we make going solar easy for you or your company. Solar panels continue to get more efficient, more, reliable and less costly. Other associated solar farm equipment like racking and inverters is also coming down in price due to the fact that so many are installing large scale solar farms these days because of the huge tax credits and government subsidies. Innovative Solar Systems takes pride in providing buyers of solar farms very cost effective solutions.

Federal and state mandates are requiring just about all municipalities across the country to have large amounts of renewable energy and solar on line within the next ten years. The state and federal subsidies have never been better for investors in large scale solar farms like the ones we design and sell. Think about the great returns and income you may receive if you choose to go solar this year. Give us a call to discuss the costs of solar farms, the tax benefits and whether or not going solar makes sense for you at this time.