Smart Solar

Our smart solar farms will give you 30 to 40 percent more energy harvest than our competitors and it’s easy to see why. By utilizing smart solar stands that accurately track with the suns position we are able to increase the energy harvest greatly and thus our solar farms are far more attractive when comparing installed costs as well as rate of returns. Dealing with a large volume solar developer like Innovative Solar Systems will not only help you save money on the front end, but will also maximize your profits on the back end. If obtain a smart solar system is your goal for 2013, then call our team today to explore the many options we offer on solar farms.

Smart Solar for Less

Utilities are offering more for solar electric energy these days due to the fact that solar energy is federally and state mandated making states meet certain targets by certain dates in the near future. Our solar farms are in great demand due to the fact that we produce better systems that cost less while producing more energy for the owner or investor. The goal of most solar farm investors is to maximize their long term returns and we cover all of the angles to help our buyers achieve those goals. Our smart solar farms are designed and built here in the U.S. on good ole American soil. The U.S. has become a leader in smart solar with installed solar farms throughout this great country.

Do your research on solar and you will most likely end up back here with Innovative Solar Systems. We typically design and build solar farms that are 500KW or larger in size with most of our solar farms being in the 2MW to 5MW range these days. Investors of all types are trying to add solar farms into their investment portfolios to green up their returns and to be a good steward of the natural resources we have. Let Innovative Solar Systems show you some of our smart solar systems today, give us a call, you will certainly be glad you did.