Solar Contracts

PPA (Power Purchase Agreements)
Purchasing Power For Commercial Use

The escalation of corporate sourcing for renewable electricity is fueling momentum for independent power producers (IPP) to distribute affordable, renewable energy directly to corporate America. We have reached the crucial tipping point where the renewable energy option not only makes sense environmentally and socially, but also economically. Due to the rising costs of conventional power, companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Apple & Google are currently the largest buyers of renewable energy. According to the RE100 annual report, many RE100 members have set an end goal for achieving 100% renewable energy before 2024 and 11 members reached this goal by 2015! Member compa-nies have collectively created demand for approximately 107 TWh of renewable power annually and desire to make fast progress toward their 100% renewable energy targets, with many commiting to purchasing power through solar contracts. The increased affordability coupled with supportive policy initiatives means companies of all sizes will be saving money on power consumption by purchasing power from independent power producers such as Innovative Solar Systems, LLC.

Innovative Solar Systems LLC (ISS) is one of the oldest and most trusted Renewable Energy IPP’s in the industry and has the largest foot-print of Solar Farms in the United States. ISS has a team of experts that will ensure our solar contracts are up to the highest standards.


“What differentiates Innovative Solar Systems and their team is that they aren’t just interested in executing the transaction at hand but rather
have a long-term view toward developing strategic relationships with partners that can execute on the high-quality, late-stage development
projects ISS is able to consistently deliver.“
Clean Capital Partners, LLC