Solar Energy Farms

So why do our solar energy farms produce more energy from the suns light? Our solar energy farms produce 25% to 40% more energy from natural sunlight due to many factors. We incorporate the most efficient solar panels as a first step in designing and building better solar farms. Next we design the whole solar farm to minimize losses during the dc to ac electricity conversion. This is accomplished by properly designing the solar energy farms with larger conductor feeders, better row placement of panels and more efficient inverters. Our solar energy farms are designed by degreed engineers that understand power distribution and are expert in the areas of solar energy production.

Solar Energy Farms with Higher Production Rates

Our solar energy farms will also have higher solar energy yields due to the fact that we use panel racking systems that track with the orientation of the sun for maximum panel output. As engineers we realize that building solar farms is not rocket science yet we are constantly amazed at how poorly most companies design and implement solar projects. We commonly see large multi million dollar solar energy farms that incorporate absolutely no lightning protection due to the fact that the solar developer wanted to maximize his profits and only supply the owner or investor with lower cost equipment while skimping on proper design attributes.

When choosing a solar company for your solar energy farms please do your homework. Solar is a big business these days and anytime there is serious money to be made you will have people coming out of the woodwork to try to break into an industry they understand little about. The principals at Innovative Solar Systems has over fifty years of corporate engineering experience and have engineered and/or built complex manufacturing plants with technologies that border on the complexity of the space shuttle. Starting a world class company that builds solar energy farms was child’s play to us and upon your review of other companies as compared to us you will agree no other entity out there matches our level of credentials or expertise. Give us a call today as we almost always have large portfolios of solar farm projects for sale.