Solar Farm Cost

We explain solar farm cost and break down the components to the investors and owner operator types that we work with. Your solar farm cost will depend upon a multitude of things like brand of panels, wattage of panels, type of racking, site development costs and size of the dc to ac inverters. Innovative Solar Systems is a premier developer and builder of large scale solar farms and can probably save you millions on your projects. We utilize tier one components in our solar farms yet keep those build out costs to a minimum so that our owners can yield a quicker pay back with better long term revenues.

Solar Farm Cost Explained

We have relationships with some of the best vendors and suppliers for the components that go into our solar systems, thus keeping your solar farm cost low. One key ingredient in many of our solar farms is how we rack the panels to achieve about a 30 percent better energy yield in our systems. Every component in our solar systems is analyzed and scrutinized to assure that it will provide many years of trouble free service. Our systems also incorporate a higher level of diagnostics so that when problems do occur the proper people are notified via cell phone, email and other means to assure that the proper maintenance people can be dispatched to the solar farm site immediately.

There are so many companies that have set up shop since solar has become a hot industry and we urge you to be careful of whom you choose for your solar farms or solar systems. Many companies hire inexperienced employees to install their solar farms to keep costs down. Innovative Solar Systems only uses the best “Unlimited” Licensed electricians in the business to connect up our systems in the field as we understand the importance of using skilled labor if one expects their solar farm to survive harsh outdoor weather conditions. If you would like to understand more about solar farm cost in your area then please contact our team today.