Solar Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Services For New Solar Projects

If a smart investor discovered that a project they were considering funding would likely fail and make them little to no profit, would they still consider spending a single dime towards endeavor? Probably not. Savvy investors know that spending wisely means doing your research, getting to know the industry and, of course, estimating the probability of success or failure before following through. It’s this sort of educated decision making that divides millionaire investors from the average Joe. This is why intelligent people investing in solar power projects demand a solar feasibility study before a single shovel hits the soil. An analysis for solar feasibility is the first step you should undertake.

Of course, a solar feasibility study is not required before beginning a photovoltaic project. If a person chooses to purchase several thousand dollars worth of solar power equipment, then that’s their prerogative. However, if their land is not prime area for harnessing solar power, they may make little to no money off the investment. In fact, they may not even be able to recoup the costs spent on the equipment. Not to mention, installing such equipment on a property can also violate zoning and permit laws. Contrary to popular belief, investing in solar power is not a cut-and-dry scenario.

The only thing holding people back from conducting a solar feasibility study is the fact that it’s an additional expense. It can be difficult to spend any extra money on top of an already significant investment. However, investors would be wise to think of it this way: by utilizing due diligence services, such as those offered by Innovative Solar Systems, they can save quite a large chunk of money. A solar feasibility study may uncover better ways to implement the project, save money and earn a larger profit. On the flip side, the study may uncover that the project is not feasible and would waste thousands of dollars.

Before investing a single dime in equipment and labor for a solar power project, property owners should contact Innovative Solar Systems for a full analysis including the following due diligence services:

  • Site Analysis – Determine whether the location is right for solar power projects
  • Environmental Issues – Uncover potential environmental impact
  • Financial Modeling – Estimate and verify project ROI
  • Project Costing – Complete a full budget analysis including project, labor and materials
  • Interconnection Costs – Uncover potential interconnection costs and problems
  • Review of the Purchase Power Agreements – Complete full review of terms and pricing
  • Review of Land Leases – Examine legal lease documents, title work and surveys
  • Permitting Requirements – Explore permitting needs
  • Zoning Approvals – Review permits and zoning letters necessary for the project
  • Engineering Review – Complete review of engineering prior to pulling permits
  • Valuation of SRECs – Discover potential project SRECs and their value

Regardless of what a solar feasibility uncovers, one thing is for certain – blindly investing without taking the time to learn more is not just a simple risk – it can be a catastrophe.