Solar Generation

We offer large scale solar generation plants that provide owners and investors with the reliability and returns they desire within the solar industry. Solar generation is an investment in the future and many are exploring our custom designed solar farms as we are a leader in this field. The costs of solar generation equipment including panels and inverters has become so cost effective these days that many are turning their vacant land into huge solar farms to realize a great long term investment that is protected by the contracts that utilities are willing to enter into for up to 15 to 30 years in many cases.

Solar Generation is Green Energy

A solar power generator plant like the solar farms that we design and build also offer many other subsidies to the owner. Imagine getting 30% federal tax credits, state tax credits, renewable energy certificate monies along with accelerated system depreciation. A solar farm may be able to pay for itself in as little as one year or no longer than five years depending on the state and the owner’s financial situation and tax liabilities. Many of these great federal and state subsidies will go away once there is enough of an installed base of solar systems across the country so the time is now if you want maximum returns for the long term.

The solar business is exciting and green energy is definitely the wave of the future and individuals and companies are embracing it these days. Our solar farms are designed to afford the owner long term service with minimal intervention. Owning you own solar generation plant has almost become a trophy for many types of investors that are wanting to green up their investment portfolios. If you would like to explore how easy it is to purchase one of our turn key solar farms then please give us a call today. Take your investment returns to a new level with one of our custom solar generation plants.