Solar Panel Farms

The solar panel farms that we engineer and construct are some of the best you will find. Our solar panel farms incorporate things like higher wattage panels and single axis trackers so that your energy yield is 30% to 40% more than others you see in the market. Innovative Solar Systems is a leader when it comes to solar farms and commercial solar systems. Clients of ours include some of the biggest names in the business. Shop around and compare price per watt on utility grade solar farms along with internal rate of returns and we are the clear answer to your needs every time. We proudly design our solar panel farms with our owner/investors in mind.

Solar Panel Farms that Produce

By using some of the newest and largest wattage solar panels in the industry we are able to shave installed costs in many areas. A $0.10/watt reduction in installed cost of our solar farms can yield our investors upfront saved costs of approximately $200,000 on our 2MW turn key solar panel farms we are currently offering in many states. Clients and investor buyers of all types appreciate the ways that we are constantly looking for unique ways to build better solar farms for less, while improving the overall reliability and life of the systems. We make buying and investing in solar easy as we provide turn key solutions for every type and size system.

New technologies and improved efficiencies are occurring daily in the solar industry and we stay on the cutting edge of these developments so that our clients can benefit. There are many companies that are trying to compete when it comes to solar panel farms and we find that few renewable energy companies measure up to us and our team. Investors worry most about upfront costs, operating/maintenance costs and long term returns from the power revenue and the sales of the SRECs and we cover the bases to minimize cost while maximizing returns. Let Innovative Solar Systems lead you out of the dark and into the light with our solar panel farms.