Solar Panels Cost

We find that there is no rhyme or reason for what solar panels cost these days. Tier one solar panels can cost less than tier five less efficient panels so when designing or building our solar farms we are very careful as to how we analyze what solar panels cost. The impact of using the wrong solar panels on your solar farms can have a huge negative impact on the project both from an upfront cost stand point as well as the long term revenue stream. When Solyndra was in business they made one of the least efficient solar panels, however, their solar panels were some of the most expensive in the industry.

Solar Panels Cost and Impact

I am looking at a stack of spec. sheets for solar panels and a tier one panel may have an efficiency of around 18 percent while a tier five solar panel will be under a 10 percent efficiency rating. As far as what solar panels cost these days we are seeing great solar panels that cost as little as $0.60/watt or as much as $2.00/watt just depending on a variety of factors. Investors and buyers of our solar farms are mainly concerned with upfront costs of the system, long term reliability and the efficiency of the system which affects their revenue from the sale of power to the utility company. We cover all of the bases when it comes to our one of a kind solar farms.

We see an evolution of even more efficient solar panels and solar cells that will keep raising the bar in the solar industry. We are over the hurdle when it comes to developing great solar projects that make financial sense for buyers these days. We like to educate our buyers on what current solar panels cost so that they can better appreciate the design and build of our systems. Let the team at Innovative Solar Systems show you how our solar farms will save you money on the front end and even more on the back end. Give us a call today to join the solar revolution.