Solar Sales

The Rise of Solar Farms Leads To More Solar Sales

Why Solar Energy?

Solar sales make the world less dependent on fossil fuels. Coal, oil and gas are fossil fuels used for energy on a global scale. Creating energy with fossil fuels has caused environmental concerns. There are renewable energy sources available such as solar energy. Solar energy is a safe alternative that globally is unlimited. When comparing solar energy to oil one square yard of sun energy measured for one year equals one barrel of oil. Solar energy is an infinite commodity making solar sales a increasingly popular market.

Solar Industry

The greatest advantage of solar energy sales is it reduces dependence on fossil fuels. Sun energy is unlimited. With specific configuration of solar systems the amount of time the sun is out can provide a limitless supply of electricity. Solar sales focus on matching peak use of energy with peak output on an electric transmission grid. Solar energy is more efficient than fossil energy. Solar electricity production is versatile; sizing to meet demand is basic mathematics. The more solar modules used the more solar energy produced. Solar sales are market driven; the larger the need the greater the demand.

Purchasing Solar Energy Equipment

Raising funds for solar projects will include solar financing and governmental incentives. Governmental incentives include:

  • selling solar electricity back to electric companies
  • receiving subsidies for the purchase of solar equipment and installation
  • tax incentives
  • low interest loans.

Solar comes in two forms: thermal and photovoltaic. Thermal energy produces heat. Photovoltaic energy produces electricity. Thermal energy systems can also produce electricity indirectly by producing steam to power electric turbines. The sales of thermal and photovoltaic energy can be independent or interdependent.

Solar Farms

Solar farms focus sunlight creating electricity. The Mojave Desert in California is an example of how solar energy can work independently and interdependently with fossil fuels. Solar farms replicate and build on the knowledge of the 354 megawatt farm in California. With increased solar sales the manufacturing cost of solar energy equipment will decrease. Florida, like California, is receiving government incentives to build thermal and photovoltaic solar farms. There is a growing interest in solar energy throughout the United States. The increase in solar energy will produce more megawatts of renewable energy for those that participate.

Solar farms generate a marketable product that is in high demand. Increased production and government incentives are generating interest in solar sales. Independently owned solar farms can create profits for those individuals who produce enough electricity to sell it back to fossil fuel generated electric companies. Not only do solar farms create clean electricity they produce renewable energy that decreases dependence on foreign produced fossil fuels. Interest in solar power is growing as the cost of non-renewable energy decreases and incentives increase.