What Are Solar Farms

What are solar farms? We are constantly getting asked the age old question, what are solar farms? Solar farms are basically just rows and rows of solar panels that face due south and capture the suns light so that the energy can be turned into dc electricity first and then ac electricity prior to being pumped into the utility grid. Solar farms are built on farm land in many cases that was once used to grow crops. A solar farm is then a farmer’s land where we mount solar panels and harvest natural sunlight versus growing crops like corn or cotton. To ask the question, what are solar farms is not a dumb question by any means.

What are Solar Farms and Why do I Care?

If you care about our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels then you will surely want to learn more about our solar systems and solar farms. Solar farms are becoming so cost effective these days that solar electricity is being produced at record amounts in many states. Utility companies are constantly working overtime to game the system and figure out how to pay solar generation plant owners less since solar is cutting into their bottom line. At this instant in one state we see a utility company asking for an almost 15% rate hike while trying to negotiate a new PPA that would pay solar farmers almost 20% less for their electricity. How do utilities charge consumers more while wanting to pay producers of solar electricity less?

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