What is a Solar Farm

The question of the day is what is a solar farm? A solar farm is a field filled with solar panels and used to accurately harvest the suns light turning that light into electricity. Our solar farms incorporate the best racking systems, the best panels and world class dc to ac inverters that will give the investor or owner long term performance for maximum returns on that investment. Solar farms have very few if any moving parts since passive panels are situated to face exact due south to fully capture the suns energy on a daily basis. Let us further explain to our readers what is a solar farm and why you, as an investor, should consider our solar farms as an investment.

What is a Solar Farm and Why Choose Us?

We design some of the highest quality and most affordable solar systems in the industry. We use names like Schletter, LeGrand, Daetwyler, Canadian Solar, Jetion, Lightway, SMA and Advanced Energy in our many solar system designs. Our analysis of the site where the solar farm is to be built is step number one in our process. We spend extensive time looking at potential solar farm locations to make certain that we can design and build that solar farm in a cost effective manner while keeping the interconnection costs with the utility low.

Investors love solar these days because of the long term returns they can get with our solar systems. We are one of the few solar developers that offer clients turn key solar farms. Our team covers all of the bases from land procurement to system design, securing all approval and build out. Our success depends upon the success of our investors and our track record speaks volumes when you start looking at the projects in our portfolios. We take the mystery out of that age old question, what is a solar farm? Contact us today to see if our solar farms are right for you.