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Top 5 U.S. Solar PV Developer:
Innovative Solar Systems, LLC

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Company Overview

• Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) is a utility-scale solar developer available for acquisition.

• Full turnkey operation with 8-year track record of success.

• 13GW of large-scale solar farm projects in current development.

• Business model originates greenfield utility-scale solar PV project sites and develops to RTF and NTP statuses, with added ability to carry projects through COD.

• Key advantages of demonstrated skill in land acquisition, PV project design, power off-take and EPC relationships.

Situation Summary

• ISS is developing 13GW of 20MW-200MW solar farm projects across 35 states.

• Projects are continually added at rate of 2GW-6GW per year, with forecasted 10GW-30GW for the next 5 years. Opportunity to generate high-margin project revenue with additional capacity.

• ISS is targeting an equity sale to: (i) facilitate an ownership transition from its founders and (ii) access capital for further project development activities.

Proven Management Team

• Highly experienced executive team comprised of engineering, financial, and legal talent.

• Insource of all critical path aspects of solar PV site development, including site acquisition, engineering, power off-take agreements, and project management.

Company Financials

• Original capital structure unchanged.

• ISS achieved and continues significant growth without third-party debt.

• 5-year forecasted profit potential $3B – $30B for project portfolio development, depending on buyer business model.

Contact Scott Hornby for pre-qualification, NDA, and bid process information.

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