America’s Sun Seekers

April 11, 2018


ISS understands that solar energy is integral in our country’s bright future, and we commend both states and cities that set goals for transitioning to renewable sources to supply power needs.  Some states have ambitious goals, ones applauded by all who support the move to using renewable energy.  For instance, Hawaii set its goal at 100% by 2045 and Vermont at 75% by 2032.  Nevada has a current goal of 25% by 2025, although the group Nevadans For a Clean Energy Future is working hard to get a new goal on the June 19, 2018, ballot:  50% by 2030.

However, it’s not just states creating lofty energy goals; individual cities have their own impressive targets.  In fact, some cities have already reached the goal of 100% for meeting their electricity needs through renewable sources:  Aspen, CO, Burlington, VT, Greensburg, KS, Kodiak Island, AK, and Rock Port, MO.  These cities have earned their bragging rights, but it’s inspiring to see what other communities have planned as the country increases its effort to move away from reliance on coal-fired generation plants.

San Jose, CA, wants to obtain 100% of its electricity needs through renewable sources by the not-so-distant date of 2022 and believes solar will help meet this mark.  Although city officials are supportive of all types of renewable energy, they believe they can become “a national solar showcase.”  Sunny California is a perfect stage on which to realize the goal of becoming a solar energy leader for the country.

On the opposite coast, Southampton, NY, wants 100% of its power needs met through renewable energy by 2025.  It isn’t surprising that Long Island plans to make good use of those ocean winds for a large portion of their renewable energy portfolio.  Finally, cities with the target of 100% renewable electricity by 2030 span the country and include Menlo Park, CA, Longmont, CO, Lafayette, CO, Abita Springs, LA, and St. Louis Park, MN.

These are only a few cities with goals to reduce their carbon emissions and get their electricity from renewables.  To view goals set by many other cities committed to doing their part, see the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 list.

ISS knows renewable energy is our country’s future.  State by state, city by city, communities are ushering that future into the present.  ISS develops utility-scale solar farms and is proud to do all we can to bring the sun’s clean energy to America’s homes.  To learn more about working with ISS, please see our website at or call John Green (CEO) 828-215-9064.