Our Team


Founded by brothers John and Richard Green in 2011, Innovative Solar Systems has become one of the nation’s leading solar developers. John and Richard have been the driving force behind the growth of ISS and are proud of the company’s success over the years.  

John Green

Co-Founder and CEO

Richard Green



With 150 years of experience in their respective fields, the management team at ISS brings confidence and expertise to the development of solar farms. 

Scott Hornby

Chief Legal Officer

Wendy Rewerts

Sales Manager, Operations Manager

Lance Roddy

Land Development Manager

Mark Ballentine

Engineering Manager

Nasser Keshmiri

Project Development Manager

Brandon Olsen

Origination Manager

Marc Roberts

IT Manager

Lionel Gilbert

Land Acquisition Manager


From land acquisition to operation – Our skilled team of 12 employees work on the development of solar farms from start to finish. Our team is primarily located at the company headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina, but some operate remotely.

Andrew Baber

Engineering Associate

Mike Hill

Land Development Attorney

Joseph Branson

Commercial Development Manager

Victoria Castellon

Business Development Associate

Charles Dennis

Land Development

Bob Gardner

Power Marketing Attorney

Yvonne Tauro

Senior Engineer

Peggy Hammond

Power Marketer

Pam Herre

Accounting Manager

Marissa Meltzer

Land Development Associate

Victoria Mathews

Branding and Marketing Coordinator