AHOPE Day Center and ISS Prepare For Winter

By Peggy Hammond    October 5, 2018

Being without a home in winter presents serious problems, and in the mountains, the weather can be unpredictable. However, here in Asheville, NC, the homeless are able to find relief and aid at AHOPE Day Center.  By offering its clients a place to shower, get coffee and snacks, pick up mail, and store personal items, AHOPE wants to make daily life more comfortable while they work on the longer-term goal of securing housing for as many clients as possible.  AHOPE has a plan for clients who do not come into the Day Center as well; through their outreach team, they are able to help those who might not otherwise receive it.  AHOPE plays an important role in our community, and ISS is happy to help by donating items that support AHOPE’s clients.

To help clients get ready for colder temperatures, ISS provided emergency Mylar blankets, hand warmers, socks, beanies, and gloves.  In addition, ISS provided comfort supplies such as first aid items, razors, shaving cream, beard trimmers, hair dryers, and underwear for both men and women.

Because AHOPE gets 50% of its operating budget through private donors and foundations, they are grateful to receive help from community members.  On a daily basis, they can sometimes see as many as 140 people, so the need for assistance is great. To learn more about the vital role AHOPE plays in Asheville, call 828-258-1695 or visit their website www.homewardboundwnc.org.