Major Growth in Solar Energy

Here at Innovative Solar Systems LLC (ISS), we are thrilled to learn that trends are reflecting what we see in our own business. Over the past several years we have been seeing major strides in the popularity of solar as an investment and as a clean energy source. There are even incredible innovations being made in the technology used in harnessing solar energy!

A study released this month by The United Nations Environmental economy division has confirmed that solar is indeed seeing incredible growth, noting that from 2009-2019 the global capacity for solar has gone from 25 gigawatts to 663 gigawatts. According to, this is due to “High investment, dropping prices and runaway installations…” which have “helped propel the technology from weird niche to key energy source in just 10 years.”

With facts like that, ISS is proud to be at the forefront of solar energy development across the U.S.

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