Solar Soars in 2019

2019 was a record year for solar power. At Innovative Solar Systems LLC (ISS), we have seen major growth happening not just within our own company but the overall industry. Solar-powered electricity in the U.S. broke multiple records last year. Not only has solar been expanding nationally but statewide records have also been reached. With the help of pro-solar legislation, there has been dramatic growth within Texas, Florida, and continued expansion in California. According to Scientific American, “28 states have set CO2 emission reduction targets and… 23 states have signed the U.S. Climate Alliance pledge to reduce economy-wide emissions by 28% by 2025.” It is safe to say that solar shows no signs of slowing down.

There was more solar installed than any other electrical source in 2019. Solar Power World says “Solar accounted for 40% of all new electric generating capacity in the United States in 2019, its highest share ever and more than any other source of electricity, with 13.3 GW installed.” There has been a 28% increase from 2018; the U.S. is now producing over 76GW where a decade ago it was only 1GW.

Even with tariffs in place “ the next five years the growth is expected to nearly double the amount installed over the last ten years”.  Solar has become more commonplace in neighborhoods and on rooftops of local businesses, as well as on farms across the country. “The solar industry has grown because so many are turning away from traditional energy sources. The potential for growth within this industry is limitless. If you would like more information about Innovative Solar Systems LLC and our utility-scale solar farm projects, please call 828-424-7884 or visit

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