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Scientific Solar Breakthrough

Here at Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) we keep a close eye on all the latest news in renewable energy. A recent breakthrough in solar has emerged from a secretive startup backed by Bill Gates. Heliogen, a clean energy company, is using concentrated solar energy to potentially replace fossil fuels used in industrial processes. Industrial…
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Why Solar? Benefits of Solar Farms

Over the last few years, solar energy technology has advanced leaps and bounds. Never has it been so environmentally friendly yet cost-efficient to turn to solar energy sources. Below are just a sample of the benefits of solar farms: Solar farms use a reliable, clean energy source. The simple fact of the matter is that…
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Agrovoltaics – Bringing Agriculture and Solar Together

As a leader in developing utility-scale solar farms across the US, ISS supports the increasing number of innovations that allow solar farms to be multi-purposed and even more beneficial for the environment. One of the newest innovations allowing us to do that is known as “agrovoltaics.” This somewhat difficult to pronounce word simply means developing…
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